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Darryl, Realtor / Marketer

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Christina, Loan Officer

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Ryan, Digital Marketer

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Jacob, Marketer

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Nick, Realtor

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Spencer, Digital Marketer

"I was a full stack JS developer wanting to learn marketing and I did!"

Rory, Developer / Marketer

"If you're thinking about using Russ Ward, The Lead King, I suggest you do!"

Shannon, Realtor / Broker

"You want THE guy that other marketers go to when they need help! "

Danny, Digital Marketer

"Just got off a call with Russ and got so much value! I'm so thankful!"

Jack, Digital Marketer

The Lead King Russ Ward is a digital marketing expert and coach specializing in helping get clients from $0 - $10,000 per month in less than 90 days.
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