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The Lead King Podcast debuted on the Apple Podcast rankings as #172 in the United States in the Business category and #5 in the Business Marketing category on January 1, 2020

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After a series of terrible life choices, Russ ended up divorced, with his house in foreclosure, a $119k tax lien, sued by the NFL for $10 Million dollars and ultimately with a gun to his head.

With the help of therapy and a complete mindset shift, he pulled himself from the floor and started a digital marketing business that hit $10k within 62 days. He now teaches others to do the same.

Suggested Introduction

Russ Ward is an entrepreneur and owner of Premium Performance Marketing, LLC. Known as The Lead King, he has generated over 20,000 leads in the real estate, mortgage, solar, and life insurance niches. Russ has an inspirational story of redemption and is passionate about helping others make massive comebacks.

Discussion Points

My comeback story (house in foreclosure, $119k tax lien, $10M lawsuit, bankruptcy, divorce, and suicidal) to a growing, thriving business

Digital marketing agency growth

Lead generation techniques (real estate, mortgage, solar, final expense life insurance)

Suggested Questions

Share a bit of your comeback story with us. How did you do it?

What are the best ways for new digital marketers to grow their agencies without spending money?

Do you have any secret tips for lead generation in the real estate, mortgage, or solar niches?

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The Lead King Russ Ward is a digital marketing expert and coach specializing in helping get clients from $0 - $10,000 per month in less than 90 days.
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